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It was not until the beginning of the 1990s that the issue of child abuse in Russian society was recognized and became one of the challenges in the field of children’s life security and healthcare. It was then that the Non-Government Foundation (NGF) “Protection Children Against Abuse” was founded by a team of professionals having to deal with child abuse and neglect in their professional work. The NGF was authorized by the Moscow Department of Justice on 16.04.1993 (Reg. № 2392). Among the founders of the NGF there were medical specialists, e.g. a famous child surgeon Stanislaw Y. Doletsky, the Fellow of the USSR Academy of Sciences, as well as psychologists, lawyers, charity organizations activists, and an artist. It appeared necessary to unite efforts of various professionals in order to provide the required multi-disciplinary treatment of abused children and to disseminate the significance of this help among various groups of population. The initiative was suggested by the first President of the NGF Doctor of Medicine prof. Tamara Safonova.

In 2000 the NGF “Protection Children Against Abuse” was reorganized into the Non-profit organization Charity Foundation “Protection Children Against Abuse” (Reg. № 098.945 of 17.04.2000).

Since the first years the Foundation experts have held numerous workshops, talks, lectures for the educators and medicals to become aware of the child abuse issues. Also the Foundation experts helped to set up rehabilitation of abused children in the first social shelters for street and homeless children of Moscow and Moscow region (Tomilino, Moscow region “The Path towards Home”). The Foundation experts developed and published a number of guidelines, took part in the development of the draft law on prevention of home violence in the State Duma. Later some proposals put forward by the Foundation members were included as amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation aimed at stricter punishment for pedophilia.

One of the essential targets of the Foundation has been professional development of various specialists dealing with minors in terms of providing psychological and medical rehabilitation to children – survivors of abuse and neglect as well as rendering legal and social support to them. Since there was lack of this expertise in Russia, pertinent knowledge and skills had to be exported from abroad. We appreciate valuable contribution of our foreign colleagues who shared their expertise with the Foundation including prof. Steven Caris (USA) and British social workers Dina Domminney and Katrin Yudelson who advised us on the best practices for a number of years.

In 1996 the first president of the Foundation prof. Tamara Safonova suggested launching a specialized centre for children-survivors of abuse and neglect. This project was realized by the Foundation based on the grant awarded by the International charity organization TASIS-LIAN. The project resulted in creating Russia’s first specialized institution for children – survivors of abuse, in applying the best state-of the art rehabilitation practices and equipment as well as in developing prevention strategies.

The succeeding presidents of the Foundation have developed the major operation lines of the organization, multidisciplinary approach to treatment and the team of professionals dealing with an exceedingly complex and emotionally charged issue as well as strengthen international cooperation, continued training various specialists to help abused and neglected minors, and managed to draw attention to the activities of the Foundation in Russia.


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