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Mission & statement




  • To develop a network of multidisciplinary support to children-survivors of abuse and neglect in Russia
  • To provide psychological support to abused and neglected children
  • To train specialists dealing with children for them to reveal and treat the cases of child abuse and neglect
  • Prevention of child abuse and neglect
  • Raise awareness of this problem in the society and in government bodies
  • Partake in the development of legal background, laws to protect children from abuse
  • International cooperation




  • Raising awareness of the population on the child abuse risk factors, child abuse consequences, dealing with child abuse cases as well as on prevention of aggressive and victimized behavior of the survivors of child abuse.
  • Multidisciplinary support for children–survivors of abuse and neglect including legal support during investigation and court hearings.
  • Advice and training of police and court offices.
  • Support for legal procedures involving minors as witnesses or victims.


First of all, there is a little girl like Thumbelina who escapes unpleasant circumstances by fleeing to a far land with a swallow she nursed back to health during the winter. Secondary, if you look closer, you might see an eye shedding a tear. Also, in our logo you may see a lock hole, because child abuse often takes place behind the locked doors.


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